Q. What is the First Home Owner's Grant?

A. This is a Federal Government payment for those buying their first home. The amount of the grant depends upon the state and in some cases the area in which you are buying. For More details please contact All Together Finance or click on the following link - http://www.firsthome.gov.au

Q. Why should I use a broker?

A. Using a broker is a free service to clients; we do the sorting out of the maze of loans, saving you time and energy which is better suited to finding a home or the investment property you desire.

Q. If a broker's service is free, how do you make money?

A. The lender pays us commissions; however this isn't what makes us choose one lender over another, for more information please contact, All Together Finance.

Q. If I use your services does it cost me more than dealing directly with a lender? 

A. No, the loans that we arrange with you costs no more; however we offer you a much wider and therefore informed choice and work with you to find the best loan for your needs. 

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