Terms & Conditions

  1. Lending 

    We are mortgage brokers arranging loans between lenders and our customers. 
    We are not a lender and nothing on this website or in any other communication with customers should be taken to suggest anything to the contrary.

  2. Intellectual Property Rights 

    We claim copyright and any other relevant intellectual property rights over the material appearing on this site and its way of doing business. You are welcome to copy any material from this site for the purposes of research and/or to help you complete a home loan application with us (or anyone else!). You may not use our material on this site for commercial purposes. If you use our material for non-commercial purposes, it is a condition of such use that you acknowledge us as the source. 

  3. Disclosure of Fees and commissions 

    We receive a commission from the lender for the service we provide. You, as the customer, do not pay any fee for this service. You should feel free to ask us, by phone or e-mail, what fees we will receive from any transaction we arrange for you.  We may pay advertisers and/or referrers for referrals to us. 

Feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

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